Leading Company in the Bio Market

Since entering the bio industry, which was a new business area, in 2011, we have gradually expanded our scope of business in the synthetic drug and bio plant area. We have completed Plants 1, 2 and 3 of Samsung Biologics, which is the largest biomedicine contract manufacturing organization (CMO) and has the best production facilities in the world. We have also carried out projects for top Korean pharmaceutical companies, such as Hanmi Pharmaceutical and Reyon Pharmaceutical, strengthening our technological capability in the pharmaceutical area. Based on our domestic project experience, we will expand our business into the overseas markets, including the Middle East and Asia.

By developing our capabilities for process engineering and production system validation, which are core technologies for bio plants, we will provide solutions optimized to the country, client and product to secure an unrivaled position and take the lead in the global bio plant market.

Major Projects




Service Guide

FEL : Front End Loading

E : Engineering

P : Procurement

C : Construction

Comm. : Commissioning

O&M : Operation & Maintenance

F : Financing