Job Description

We support our employees to develop their expertise and potentials in their journey to become a global leader. Driven by their creative and audacious minds, we will strive forward to build a greater future.

  • Business Development

    Identify, analyze and develop new business opportunities to help the company achieve strategies and create profitable outcome
    • Conduct economic analysis of the plant lifecycle to enable efficient distribution and utilization of resource and maximize profitability
    • General oversight of contracts with various stakeholders to minimize legal risks
    • Provide technical advice based on business development knowhow, EPC project experience, market trend analysis, and various networks.
  • Marketing & Sales

    Establish marketing strategies to identify significant prospects and enter new markets
    • Collect and analyze information on the trends of markets, clients, competitors, licensors and products
    • Secure high-quality project opportunities from the early project phase and take the lead for the Shift Left (S/L) strategy
    • Maximize bid-win competitiveness using innovation capabilities (AHEAD) and contribute to the successful winning and completion of projects
  • Project Management

    Plan the entire project phase including contracting, engineering, procurement and construction, and manage the project to ensure that it reaches the final goal
    • Coordination between major stakeholders, such as the client, partner company, subcontractor, and related in-house teams
    • Swift and accurate response to requests made by clients
    • Minimize budget overrun or schedule delay through risk identification and effective countermeasures
    • Cost management, such as establishing the project execution budget, managing costs, and analyzing profit and loss
    • Schedule management, such as planning and monitoring project schedule
    • Manage project-related contracts and claims with clients and subcontractors
  • Engineering

    From basic to detailed engineering, prepare design that is optimized to the project purpose and size, discipline and specification
    • Provide deliverables for all equipment and materials of the project
    • Alternative design based on technical discussions with the client, equipment and material supplier, licensor, etc.
    • Review design considering the special characteristics of the bid, procurement and construction phases and each discipline
    • Provide troubleshooting support to resolve technical issues at the site
  • Procurement

    Purchase main equipment and materials, inspect quality, and manage logistics, customs clearance and process
    • Ensure optimal quotation and purchase of all equipment and materials of the project
    • Manage process, lead time and inspection of manufactured equipment
    • Manage transportation, customs clearance and insurance of finished equipment
    • Establish efficient procurement strategies through systematic collection, analysis and management of information on equipment/material market trends and licensors
    • Close collaboration with overseas procurement offices to obtain competitive prices and ensure on-time procurement of equipment and materials
  • Construction

    Establish and execute the overall construction plan and identify and apply innovation items, such as new construction methods and automation
    • Project Control Management : Manage construction execution budget and construction cost, analyze profit and loss, and handle administrative work involving client
    • Construction Management : Manage the installation of equipment and material delivered to the site for civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical, control, piping, insulation/painting, and structural steel work
    • Construction Support : Support project execution, such as management of site workers, procurement of site equipment, and construction of temporary facilities
    • Construction Innovation : Identify and apply innovation items, such as new construction methods and automation, and develop and manage construction systems
    • Module Business : Establish modularization strategies, manage cost and schedule, and manage suppliers
    • Smart Shop Management : Develop and operate smart shops, manage smart shop operators
  • QHSE

    Provide the support required for the project to achieve zero defects and zero accidents
    • Establish and implement strategies that comply with the requirements for quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) imposed by the country, client or subcontractor
    • Maintain certification for quality, safety, health, and environment management systems and monitor company's compliance status
  • Business Management & Support

    Provide various kinds of business support across the company
    • Business Management : Establish corporate business management strategy; analyze business performance and status
    • Business Innovation : Improve company process and carry out DT innovation projects Finance and accounting
    • Finance and Accounting : Procure and operate funds; settlement of accounts; tax report and payment
    • Human Resource : Resource management, recruitment, workforce operation, evaluation, compensation training, general affairs
    • Communication : Media relations, advertisement, exhibition, company website, broadcast, company newsletter planning and production
    • Legal : Review and manage contracts; manage lawsuits and mediations; investigate laws