Ethics & Compliance

We regard ethics and compliance as the highest value in all of our business activities, and establish and follow detailed operating procedures and guidelines. In addition, we operate an ethics and compliance control system to prevent potential risks and violation of domestic and overseas laws.

Structure and Role of Compliance Organization

Our compliance organization provides guidelines in accordance with the company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and business policies through the Compliance Program for subjects such as fair transaction, anti-corruption and information protection. The organization also provides internal communication channels and training programs to raise awareness of the importance of compliance. To build a strong culture of legal compliance, teams and project sites are monitored and inspected on a regular basis.

Compliance Organization


Compliance Supporter

As the highest person responsible for operating the company’s Compliance Program, the Compliance Supporter suggests compliance policies and business practice standards of the company.

Compliance Team

Supports the Compliance Supporter, appoints the Compliance Officer and Compliance Manager, and holds the main responsibility to operate the companywide Compliance Program.

At each functional division, business division, and overseas office

Compliance Officer

As the person who oversees their team’s compliance with laws and regulations, the Compliance Officer prevents and manages legal risks of the team’s business activities.

Team leaders, heads of global offices

Compliance Manager

As the person who manages their team’s compliance with laws and regulations, the Compliance Manager shares and distributes compliance issues throughout the team.

Line managers

Ethics and Compliance Awareness-Raising Activities

We hire employees from various backgrounds to work for projects all over the world. Keeping this in mind, we establish clear policies for sensitive matters such as collusion or corruption to create a transparent and ethical work environment and build a strong foundation to cultivate a culture of integrity throughout the entire organization.

Competitor Contact Report System

In line with our collusion prevention guideline, we prohibit our employees from contacting with our competitors. However, if our employee has to contact an employee from a competitor company for unavoidable reasons, we require the employee to report the details of the contact through our competitor contact report system before and after the contact to prevent collusion or activity that may be misconceived as collusion.

Anti-Corruption Training

Regardless of the region we operate in around the world, we do not tolerate acts of bribery by our employees aimed at gaining inappropriate business benefits. To build a culture of integrity, we provide yearly training programs to all our employees on important information, examples, and guidelines regarding recent corruption trends, and anti-corruption and anti-graft laws of major countries.

Anti-Corruption Training
Items Programs Description
Compliance Understanding Compliance
  • Importance of legal compliance
  • Introduction of our compliance programs
Subcontract Transaction
  • Important contents and examples of the Subcontracting Act
  • Subcontract transaction guideline
  • Corruption trends
  • Important contents and examples of overseas anti-corruption and anti-graft laws
  • Important information and examples of collusion
Information Protection
  • Protection of confidential business information
    • - Important information and examples of confidential business information
  • Important information and examples of confidential business information
Compliance Overview
  • Compliance reassessment in areas such as anti-corruption and protection of confidential business information
Anti-Misconduct Clean organization
  • Necessity of righteous business management
  • Types and examples of misconduct

To meet our internal legal demands, we operate the Legal Support System (LLS) to provide professional legal advice to our employees without limitation to time or location. We also use standard contracts and go through a prior review process to minimize contract risks.

We provide compliance guidelines for important areas and share recent compliance cases and information on the Compliance Management System (CPMS), our compliance website, to support immediate and effective response when compliance issues arise.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our Code of Conduct provides practical business principles based on Samsung Group’s core values and business principles and describes the ethical values our employees are expected to hold and rules they are required to follow in our business activities by type. Please refer to our Ethical Management Website for more information on our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Ethical Management Report Channels

With the aim to improve business transparency and build an ethical corporate culture, we collect reports on unfair business conduct, improper solicitation using a job position, and acts of corruption through various channels, such as phone, fax, email, postal mail, and our Ethical Management Website. The identity of the employee who submits a report and the contents of the report are subject to absolute confidentiality, and reports are processed under the basic principles of neutrality and fairness.

Compliance Program

Our Compliance Program is supervised by a committee comprising the CEO and senior executives and operated together by the Compliance Officer and Compliance Manager. These persons have the responsibility to distribute information on important policies, support employees with needed legal services, and report the violation or infringement of laws and complaints to the committee to provide appropriate solutions. The Compliance Program is aimed at encouraging all employees to comply with laws, regulations and policies while protecting them from unexpected legal issues.