Corporate Social Responsibility

Under our corporate social responsibility (CSR) vision of ‘Building a Future Together and Enabling People,’ we carry out various CSR activities with the highest value placed on ‘youth education,’ and ‘collaboration for joint growth.’

  • Vision

    Applying Samsung’s business philosophy of ‘maximizing potentials (enabling)’ and core values of ‘people first’ and ‘co-prosperity,’ we have established our own CSR vision, ‘Building a Future Together and Enabling People’ to create a sustainable future.

  • Activity Direction

    To resolve social issues such as unemployment of young people and social polarization, Samsung will utilize its core competency and resource to carry out CSR activities together with various stakeholders such as the civil society, academic institutions and the government. Samsung is especially determined to focus on developing young talents who will shape our future.

Youth Training Programs

We provide various training and support programs to help adolescents discover their potential and become a contributing member of the future society.

  • Dream Class

    This program is aimed at breaking the vicious cycle of how economic inequality leads to a larger educational gap. We help adolescents who are curious to find out what their future beholds but do not have the means to discover their dreams. We help them find their dreams and gradually develop them to become larger goals. Dream Class is a program launched in 2012 where university students serve as mentors and role models to middle school students who are in their adolescence. These mentors support the young minds to identify their hopes and dreams by helping their studies to take them closer to their goals.

  • Stepping Stones of Hope

    This program supports the independence of young adults (18 years old) who are ready to leave their community home and take their first step into society by providing a safe living space and one-on-one training customized to their individual talent.

  • Underprivileged Youth Support Program

    This program supports underprivileged adolescents who have the willingness to study and pursue their dreams but face limitations due to various circumstances or those who do not have the environment required for balanced growth and healthy life.

  • Safety Support for Vulnerable Social Groups

    This is a new CSR program that supports vulnerable social groups aimed at creating a safer society.

Local Community Contribution Programs

We carry out various CSR activities to support the community. We are committed to continue our activities for the future generation to achieve mutual growth with the local community.

Global Hope Library

Global Hope Library is a program aimed at developing talents in the local communities around our global project sites by renovating old schools or community centers into children’s libraries. Since 2012, the program has built numerous Hope Libraries across the world in countries such as India, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Bolivia and Mexico.

  • Eco-generation Class

    This program operates an online environment website for adolescents in Korea and abroad and trains young environment reporters and ambassadors. It provides opportunities to think about how to address environmental issues to create a sustainable society with the aim to nurture an "eco-generation" of the future.

  • Employee Volunteer Program

    To lend a helping hand to the local community, our employees take part in various donation and volunteer programs that support vulnerable groups and children’s community centers. We also have other community support programs such as working with our rural village partners to organize farmers’ markets during the holiday season and donate their harvests to the local community.

Joint-Growth Collaboration Program

To build a culture of sharing, we have made donating easy with our Nanum* Kiosk, which is available throughout the day.

Nanum* Kiosk

Each time our employees tap their employee card at the kiosk, they donate 1,000 won to unprivileged children and adolescents in Korea.

* Nanum is a Korean word for ‘sharing.’​