Delivering Client Satisfaction with Unique Execution Skills

We have achieved client satisfaction in the industrial plant area with our advanced engineering technology and integrated management capability. WIth the sudden surge of investment in industrial plants brought by the increased demand for semiconductors, displays and electronic parts, we are steadily building our track record in the industry with our exceptional execution capability.

We have successfully completed projects in various industries, including IT, secondary batteries, tires, and food. We are especially confident with our outstanding clean room construction capability, which is the core skill required for the industries of high-tech products, such as semiconductors, displays, secondary batteries, and electronic parts.

In the Samsung Display A3 Project, we paid special attention to the OLED production and logistics process and implemented the fast-track construction process considering how important engineering, construction and on-time supply are in the OLED industry. Based on our in-depth understanding of the production process, we completed the project successfully through integrated management of the project while placing environment and safety as the highest priority.

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FEL : Front End Loading

E : Engineering

P : Procurement

C : Construction

Comm. : Commissioning

O&M : Operation & Maintenance

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