A Global Player in the GOSP Area

For the past 50 years, we have constructed various gas treatment plants all over the world. In 2010, we successfully completed the world’s largest gas plant in Thailand and expanded our business into the gas oil separation plant (GOSP) market by carrying out various projects, such as Malaysia PCSB Sabah Oil & Gas Terminal (SOGT) Project, Saudi Aramco Shaybah NGL Project, and Iraq West Qurna Project.

We continued to carry out numerous projects utilizing our technological skills in various parts of the world, including Terengganu, Malaysia; Zubair, Iraq; Wangnoi, Thailand; and Timimoun Algeria. In 2023, we will be completing the gas storage plant in Hawiyah awarded to us by Saudi Aramco.

We are committed to becoming a leading company in the GOSP area by utilizing our extensive experience and track record in gas separation, CO2 recovery, and air separation.

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Service Guide

FEL : Front End Loading

E : Engineering

P : Procurement

C : Construction

Comm. : Commissioning

O&M : Operation & Maintenance

F : Financing