ADNOC Refining Crude Flexibility Project

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    E · P · C

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    ARDS (Atmospheric Resid Desulphurisation) : 177,000 BPSD
    HMU (Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit) : 243,000 Nm3/h
    SRU (Sulphur Recovery Unit) & TGTU(Tail Gas Treating Unit) : 800 TPD

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    ADNOC Refining

ADNOC Refining Crude Flexibility Project

The ADNOC Refining Crude Flexibility Project is being carried out in Ruwais, a region located approximately 250 km west of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. This project will add new facilities and renovate existing ones, including the addition of an Upper Zakum crude (offshore) refining facility to the Ruwais Refinery West (RRW) Plant in the complex that was designed to refine 417,100 barrels per stream day (BPSD) of Murban crude (onshore).

Managing Schedule Efficiency with PC Method and Ensuring Safety with Minimized Site Work

Considering the large size of the project, one of the most important management points was to build all 15 concrete buildings, including the electrical room and the control room, of 15,000 ㎥ on time. By applying the PC method, we pre-assembled the exterior walls of the concrete buildings offsite and brought them to the site for installation, which enabled efficient schedule management and improved safety by reducing the site work. The successful application of the PC method led to its addition to the client’s standard specification, which raised the competitiveness of our plant construction technology to the next level. In addition, we applied modularization by assembling 2,700 tons of steel structure, 98,000 dia-inch of pipe rack, and structural equipment at outside shops instead of on the site, then delivered them to the site for installation, which substantially enhanced the efficiency of the site work.

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